Carnival Cotton Candy Maker

Carnival Cotton Candy Maker
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Description :

Put a sweet twist to your parties or to what seemed to be an ordinary day with this Carnival Cotton Candy Maker. Make sweet and colorful cloud cotton treats for your friends and the whole family with this cotton candy maker. Feel like you're in a carnival, eating home-made cotton candies with this classic machine will be as fun and nostalgic.

Easy to operate
Turn it on, let it spin to a warm up of 5min, put a tablespoon sugar, and watch it spin out sugar cotton webs. Use the cone to gather the web. For a twist of flavor, you can add a small pinch of fruit juice powder. Just imagine the different cotton candy flavors you can make!

Easy to maintain
It can be easily washed and disassembled for storage.

Treat yourself and the whole gang of sweet lovers a home-made cotton candy a day. Making one is a fun view itself.

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