MI BAND 3 With Free LED Light

MI BAND 3 With Free LED Light
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Description :

Big touch screen, 50m waterproof rating

WhatsApp, calls and app notifications at a glance50 meters waterproof, Lift wrist gesture 
heart rate, sleep tracking, steps taken, health managementUp to 20-day battery life

New OLED touch screen

One by one, simple and straightforward

  • 24 characters are
    displayed on screen

  • Text messages, emails,
    calls and app notifications

  • Detailed sports
    tracking in real time

  • Automatic monitoring of
    sleep and steps taken

  • 50 meters waterproof

  • 20 days long battery life

Notifications straight to the wrist

WhatsApp, texts, incoming calls and app notifications at a glance

Calls and messages

Send messages, make calls,
get meeting invitations

Weather forecast

3 days forecast and climate
change early warnings

Calendar and alarm alerts

Calendar notifications on display,
so you never miss what matters

Run your day right from your wrist

Real-time display of exercise duration, steps, heart rate and other sports data

50m waterproof rating

Go for swimming & surfing

Thanks to the watch being water resistant up to 50m (5ATM) 
you can shower, do dishes, and enjoy swimming.

Real time activity detail function

Data is displayed in real time

This helps you understand the current physical state of your heart, speed, etc. 
which allows you to adjust the intensity of your walking, running, swimming, 
cycling accordingly, to achieve better results.

Goal notification

Set your goal for daily steps!

When you complete your daily goal, the Mi Band 3 will vibrate gently to 
notify you that you have achieved your daily goal. This motivates you 
to achieve your goal daily.

Keep track of all your movement, and manage your health better.

Pedometer, heart rate, sleep monitor, sedentary reminders

Constant monitoring of steps and heart rate

Accurate steps counting algorithm, 
Always on heart rate monitoring

The Mi Band 3 comes with an updated algorithm to count every step 
that you take. Furthermore, the accuracy of the heart rate sensor has 
been improved which continuously keeps track of your heart rate 
across 24 hours in addition to showing your current heart rate.

Sleep better and sleep more

Accurately records sleep information every night, such as deep sleep & light sleep data, which can help you adjust and modify your sleeping habits.

Sedentary reminder

Focus on your work, but also take a reasonable break

If you remain seated for too long at your work desk, the Mi Band 3 will vibrate gently to 
remind you to get up and walk so that your health is not compromised.

Be more motivated, achieve more

20 days long battery life, Unlock your Android phone, Caller ID, Call Reject, etc. 
Around 30 in built functions.

Unlock your Android
phone more easily

When your Android phone is in proximity to your 
Mi Band 3, the phone will automatically unlock.

Caller ID Notification 
& Call Reject Function

The Mi Band 3 can display the caller name or number and 
if you do not want to answer, you can simply reject the 
call by long pressing the home button.

Lots of features

30 functions in one band

The Mi Band 3 has a lot of very useful functions. More functions are being developed for future firmware updates…

  • Message viewing
  • Caller ID / Reject
  • Alarm vibration
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Real-time exercise data
  • WeChat red envelope
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Event reminder
  • Find your phone
  • Unlock your phone (Android)
  • More functions

In-depth with the Mi Fit app

Fully customizable, set your
personal fitness style

The Mi Fit application allows you to set your daily goals. Choose a 
fitness program that suits you and keep a check on your weekly 
exercise data, sleep data, weight data, etc.

Long battery life

Only 20 grams light,
20 days long battery life

The main body of the band is only 8.5 grams. It has a high energy density 
lithium polymer battery which can last up to 20 days on a single charge.

Clear black screen display

High quality OLED display makes it a great fitness tracker

Secure & durable band strap design

Perfect fit for your wrist

The band holds the sensor tightly in place and sits snugly on 
your wrist and has successfully undergone 2000 detachment 
tests and still remained firm and secure.

Three band strap colors

Skin-friendly soft material, 
comfortable to wear

The band strap utilizes a thermoplastic elastomer material 
making it more comfortable to wear. Three colors available: 
graphite black, flaming orange, deep blue.

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