Mens Hair Care

AquaTouch Wet and Dr

Specification highlights Shaving system


Rs 5,400.00 Rs 6,000.00 10%

Electric Shavers Phi

Enjoy a perfect close shave with our most advanced shaver. Th

Rs 12,099.00 Rs 15,099.00 20%

Kemei – Rechar


Kemei – Rechargeable

Rs 900.00 Rs 1,000.00 10%

Michel Mercier Detan

Detangling Hair Brush, 
Easy and Gentle

Rs 699.00 Rs 899.00

Micro Touch Max Pers

Trims hair with micro precision
Dimensions: width

Rs 950.00

Professional Trimmer

Brand : Kemei · Model

Rs 1,299.00 Rs 1,599.00 19%

Sinbo Ss – 40

Sinbo Ss – 4028 – Shaver – Blac

Rs 3,980.00 Rs 4,199.00 12%

Sinbo Ss-4032 &ndas

Sinbo Ss-4032 – Shaver – Black &

Rs 2,190.00 Rs 2,299.00 10%

Sinbo Shc 4355 Shave


Sinbo Shc – 4355-Sha

Rs 3,250.00 Rs 3,399.00 10%

Sonashi Men Shaver

Sonashi Men Shaver is best quality Shaving Machines&rdquo

Rs 2,150.00 Rs 2,299.00 12%

Trimmer Paiter Washa


Triple Blade Combo Packs

Rs 2,199.00

Men's Hair Care

Hair care maybe a thing so popular among women, but this one is as important for men as it is for women. Males also need to take care of their scalp and hair as they too suffer hair problems such as dandruff and hair fall and thus it becomes essential for them to pay attention to their hair. For the very reason, we have plenty of Men’s Hair Care products for you. brings you the best

To keep the hair on point, you need to take extra care of them. offers you the finest products for your hair care that not only gives you the best results but are also not very pricey.

Variety of Men’s Hair care Products available in Pakistan

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