212 Men For Men

Exotic vibes and pure mystery to your signature scent with 21

Rs 6,750.00 Rs 9,999.00 30%

212 Sexy Men

Bring Exotic Vibes and Pure Mystery to your signature scent w

Rs 6,550.00 Rs 10,000.00 32%

Acqua Di Gio For Him

Bask in the Masculine Signature Scent from the Giorgio Armani

Rs 8,750.00 Rs 10,000.00 12%

Armani Code For Men

It's no secret that Armani Code Eau De Toilette Spray

Rs 8,250.00 Rs 10,000.00 14%

Chanel Coco For Wome

A Modern Oriental Fragrance, Fresh, Sensual and Abstract. The

Rs 17,950.00 Rs 19,999.00 10%

Davidoff Champion brings you the best price for David

Rs 4,499.00 Rs 5,100.00 12%

Dior Addict For Wome

Dior Addict Eau Fraîche begins with a Sparkling, Al

Rs 15,950.00 Rs 17,000.00 6%

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women<

Rs 8,750.00 Rs 10,000.00 12%

Eternity For Female

Eternity Perfume by Calvin Klein, Escape into the eternal bli

Rs 4,450.00 Rs 6,000.00 25%

Eternity For Female

Hight Quality & First Copy Perfumes

Rs 1,150.00 Rs 1,500.00 23%

Eternity For Men

ETERNITY FOR MEN symbolizes the spirit of today's man

Rs 4,680.00 Rs 6,084.00 23%

Ferrari Black

Launched by the design house of Ferrari in the

Rs 3,100.00 Rs 3,999.00 23%

Ferrari Essence OUD

This direct and strong new fragrance will be a favorite to th

Rs 5,300.00 Rs 6,500.00 18%

Ferrari Leather Esse

Launched by the design house of Ferrari in the

Rs 6,500.00 Rs 7,300.00 10%

Hugo Boss Just Diffe

Black by HUGO is a spicy, savory fragrance that

Rs 6,500.00 Rs 7,100.00 10%

Hugo Boss Limited Ed

Hugo Boss Hugo Create Limited Edition Perfume E

Rs 7,500.00 Rs 8,300.00 10%

Hugo Boss Red

RED by HUGO is a spicy, savory fragrance that l

Rs 7,300.00 Rs 8,100.00 12%

Hugo Element

A statement of Sophistication and Masculinity, The Hugo Eleme

Rs 13,750.00 Rs 14,500.00 5%

Issey Miyake for men

Bring a Cool, Refreshing feeling to your Morning with L&#

Rs 6,500.00 Rs 8,450.00 23%

Jadore For Women

J’adore is a Modern, Glamorous Fragrance, which has

Rs 16,250.00 Rs 18,000.00 10%

Lacoste Blanc

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc is the signature c

Rs 6,800.00 Rs 7,700.00 12%

Lacoste Bleu

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blue  C

Rs 5,200.00 Rs 6,800.00 23%

Lacoste Rouge

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge Cologne by

Rs 5,200.00 Rs 6,800.00 23%

N 5 Chanel For Women

Chanel No 5 Perfume Created by the design house of Chanel in

Rs 15,450.00 Rs 17,000.00 10%

Polo Black For Men

Make every Evening worth remembering with this Men's

Rs 8,550.00 Rs 10,000.00 12%

Polo Blue For Men

A product of the classic American designer Ralph Lauren.&

Rs 8,750.00 Rs 10,000.00 12%

Si Giorgio Aramani F

The luxury that comes from simplicity, the Sì Eau

Rs 11,500.00 Rs 13,000.00 12%

Tag Her

Tag Her is an Oriental Floral Fragrance for Women. Top Notes

Rs 2,100.00 Rs 2,999.00 30%

Versace For Women

Versace Bright Crystal

Rs 6,750.00 Rs 8,999.00 25%

Buy Best Perfumes in Pakistan Online

When it comes to quality and affordability, there are a lot of things that should be considered and buying online perfumes in Pakistan is a very difficult choice to make. Those who are not frequent buyers of perfumes in Pakistan mislead by false advertisements. While shopping best perfumes in Pakistan, you cannot choose and pick any random perfume and cannot test them. Several factors are involved that makes it difficult to shop perfumes in Pakistan like the only options available are just view the image of perfume and read the description of its fragrance without knowing how it exactly smells.

Not residing in a big city makes it difficult to find the place where the perfume fragrance can be tested. Well, this is where the internet comes. But to buy online perfumes Pakistan for those with less knowledge about scents and fragrance can be tricky. There is so much about perfumes out there whether checking 212 perfume price in Pakistan or Armani Perfume price in Pakistan you will find different prices on different sites so how come to know the originality of a perfume? In this blog, few meaningful tips are highlighted that would be helpful to buy perfumes online Pakistan.

Understand the Perfume Terminology

Before ordering the famous expensive perfumes in Pakistan it is important to know about the basic perfume terminologies. Usually, the terms ‘longevity’, ‘silage” and ‘fragrance notes’ are used when buying imported perfumes in Pakistan over the online websites. The term longevity is mentioned to describe that how long its fragrance will last while silage tells the power of the scent.

What Perfumes’ Color Say About It?

Colors tell us a lot about the perfumes. The color of a perfume helps in choosing the best scent. Sometimes perfume colors represent the type of its fragrance. Like the black color represents the strong scents for men such as Armani Code which is rich in fragrance and can be wear in meeting or evening parties.

Perfume Bottle Shape

In addition to color, the shape of a perfume bottle gives hints about its scent. Like the red colored bottle represents the romantic and warm scents for the women, for example, a boss perfume in the red bottle which is easily available in Pakistan. The boss perfume price in Pakistan is different on different online stores so read the whole description before buying it.

‘Clues’ in Perfume Names

Many perfumes names are based on the nature of its fragrance such as strong words tells the strong scent of the perfume like ‘boss or Armani perfume’. These concepts are really helpful when buying famous perfumes in Pakistan.

Research Well Before buying Branded Perfumes in Pakistan

It will be very beneficial if you do some research on the branded perfumes prices in Pakistan. Many online stores and websites describe the scent, packaging, and capacity read these notes carefully and go through the user’s review that will the idea about the exact scent of perfume and it will be easy to guess about expensive and cheap perfumes in Pakistan.